EVOLTA NEO: Unlock the power of Silver

Greater lifespan and more power

Higher density material rules out any irregularities in the material, making your batteries more efficient. The result? Longer service life, both in the device and on the shelf. The batteries’ low self-discharge allows you to store them for up to 10 years, without losing too much of their power.

Great power. That’s what EVOLTA NEO batteries are all about. The higher capacity allows for a longer peak performance in high drain devices. When you’re using them for high drain devices, Panasonic EVOLTA NEO greatly exceeds battery life compared to the competitor’s standard high power batteries.

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EVOLTA NEO batteries provide excellent power for high drain devices.

Think cameras, flashlights, toy cars, robots, wireless keyboards and game controllers. To cope with your different needs, the batteries come in two sizes: AA and AAA. That way, you can enjoy its full potential no matter the kind of device you’re using.

A touch of silver

With great power comes great responsibility. That’s why the battery is effectively safer than its predecessor. The EVOLTA NEO now uses a silver compound as the positive electrode. As a result, your battery is both safer to use and safer to store.

Thanks to the improved technology, the risk of leakage is at least 30% less than before. On top of that, the silver compound absorbs gas in case of overcharging and thus greatly prevents gas emission during storage.

EVOLTA NEO: The premium Panasonic alkaline battery

EVOLTA NEO is more than an average alkaline battery. The continually improved engineering, high quality materials and patented technology ensure you’re getting a real premium battery. And a premium battery deserves equally premium packaging.